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Alex   UK Voiceover Artist

Native Accent:


Clear, engaging, friendly and resonant. Naturally RP English."

My natural accent is RP, but I’m comfortable performing in (general) Irish, Welsh, West Country and Northern English dialects. 


As an Audie nominated voice artist, Alex's voice has been used in Audio Dramas, Audiobooks, Video Games and Corporate projects around the world. His voice has been used in modelling a synthetic voice created by the company ‘WellSaid Labs’, over 25 credits in Audio Dramas produced by ‘Graphic Audio’, Video Game characters produced by ‘Purple Jam’, and multiple corporate/promotional voiceovers for the production companies ‘NEEDaFIXER’, ’Dreaming Fish’ and ‘Klais-Film’ to name a few. 


He has a professionally certified home studio, trusted by Audible, Graphic Audio and a multitude of other Production Companies. 


Commercial Reel Alex
00:00 / 00:51
Character Reel Alex
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Songs for Children Alex
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E-Learning Alex
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"What stands out about Alex -- beyond his preparedness as an actor, his reliability as a contractor, and his versatility in delivering performances that are by turns heroic, frightening, hilarious, and vulnerable -- is his endurance. Alex can sail through hundreds of lines in a single session -- including multiple takes of really demanding fight vocals, screams, and so forth -- while maintaining the same high level of energy, commitment, and focus throughout. He credits his vocal training, but it's really a testament to both his talent and the effort he's put into honing his craft. He's also a genuinely fun person to work with. He comes into a session fully prepared, with a raft of ideas, and takes direction with grace and skill. And it doesn't hurt, in this era of remote recording, that he's highly tech- savvy and delivers projects exactly to spec every time."

Nora Achrati, director, Graphic Audio (The Innkeeper Chronicles; Rylee Adamson) 

 "Alex is an absolute delight to work with. His delivery is always spot on, striking that perfect balance between casual and professional that's critical for our customers. He is immediately engaging and open to feedback, asks insightful questions, and delivers everything according to our exacting file specs. We are lucky

and grateful for his talent.”

Sara Weisweaver, Program Manager, WellSaid Labs 


“Working with Alex was absolutely brilliant, he's a lovely guy and great voice actor. He'll work hard outside of recording to make sure your character is practiced and versed before each session. He's reliable and very easy to work with. Sessions were not only successful but fun also! Would definitely recommend working with Alex!”

Connor from Purple Jam (Pitch Black) 

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