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Andi     UK Voiceover Artist

Native Accent:



Southern English (Hampshire), RP, London (Cockney), light London (Estuary)


Voice Description:  

Andi, an accomplished English voice actor located in the UK, brings forth years

of expertise and a vast international client base. His voice is not only genuine, engaging and articulate, but also carries motivational undertones. His style effortlessly transitions from a robust and commanding presence to a serene, reassuring, and even subdued delivery; adapting seamlessly to the distinctive needs of various projects.


Andi Dawson, is a dedicated British Voice Actor and Vocalist with a passion for audio that traces back to his upbringing in a musical environment. Growing up under the influence of his father, Kevin, a professional musician, Andi's journey led him to work across the UK, Europe, and parts of the USA. His venture into voice work began during his time running the prime-time breakfast show on Castledown FM; a radio station based in Ludgershall, Wiltshire, where he discovered a keen interest in voice acting

and audio editing.


Castledown FM, BBC Radio Scotland, Dream Drift Publishing

Andi takes pride in representing himself and welcomes direct inquiries for potential acting work. However, he actively seeks representation in key entertainment hubs like London, Glasgow, and LA.With qualifications in music, performing arts, and voice acting, Andi's versatile talent andexperience allows him to embody male characters spanning ages 15 to 65, offering a rich array of English dialects. His journey continues as he embraces new opportunities in the dynamic world of voice acting and performance.

Professional Home Studio:

Operating from his fully equipped professional Home Studio, Andi handles all his own editing, boasting a full compliment of Broadcast Quality equipment and adaptability to various formats and technical

  • Booth: Custom built recording booth (noise floor -84dB)

  • Microphone: Rode NT1-A XLR condenser

  • Audio Interface: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (2nd Gen)

  • Computer: MacBook Pro (late 2013)

  • Booth remote for Logic Pro: iPad Air 4

  • Speakers: SubZero SZSM-S Studio Monitors

  • Headphones: Audio-Technica ATH-M50xDS Professional Monitor (Limited Edition)

  • DAW: Logic Pro X

  • Editor: iZotope RX10 Audio Editor

  • Equaliser: FabFilter Pro Q-3

Commercial Demo Dec 2023 Andi
00:00 / 01:39
Commericals Reel RAW Andi
00:00 / 02:02
Character Demo Oct 2023 Andi
00:00 / 01:09
Audiobook Andi Demo Reel (May 2024)
00:00 / 04:54
Singing Demo Dec 2023 Andi
00:00 / 04:48

Singing Demo:


"He's always reliable, knows how to get the job done, and pours his heart and soul into the characters he voices. I couldn't ne happier having him onboard in my projects. I'm looking forward to working with him again. Thank you, Andi"

 Jacob S. Lee (Director)


"[He] consistently demonstrates a mastery and a faithfulness to his performance. His vocal range is more than adequate ... and his selection is vast - what more could you desire?"

 Fusco Moore Productions (Studio)


"Thank you very much for all your efforts on this project. I really do appreciate your efforts and going the extra mile. I'm thrilled with how this tuned out. I would like to work with you again in the future so once I have new content ready I'll give you a shout. Thank you"

 Daniel Anonymity (Author, Audible)


"Andi has a wonderful voice and is super professional! He answers quick, is super kind to all his other cast mates, and is so great to work with. Highly recommend this amazing VA!".

Sweet Gamble Studio

"We thought you did a great job of tailoring your performance.... & we would not hesitate

in recommending you to others"

Victoria & David Rouse, Private Clients


"Thanks Andi for your hard work and professionalism during our recording sessions. We would have no hesitation in using you again in the future. Your work was of a top quality, delivered in an impressively short time, and exactly what we needed. Thanks again".


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