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Anthony  UK Voiceover Artist

Native accent: English RP

Additional and character accents:

Estuary English, Home counties, London, heightened RP, Yorkshire, general Scottish, general American, neutral European, general Eastern European

Anthony is a male British voice artist with multiple One Voice and VOX award nominations, and a background in drama and copywriting. He specialises in web, radio and TV commercials, brand films and corporate messaging, as well as character voice acting for videogames, animation and audio drama. He also provides prerecorded voice of god, podcast, elearning and IVR voiceover services.

He has a deep, rich and reassuring voice with a natural RP English accent and various accents for character work. Ant is based in Cambridgeshire with his own recording studio, equipped with SSL2 preamp and Neumann TLM103 and Sennheister MKH 416 microphones, and regularly records in London studios too.

Commercial Reel Anthony
00:00 / 01:34
Corporate Reel Anthony
00:00 / 01:52
Videogame Character Reel Anthony
00:00 / 01:47
Narrative Reel Anthony
00:00 / 01:18


"A genuine pleasure working with Anthony. We worked together on a high-end international project. First-rate work, super pleasant and attentive. Great experience all around."

Castronawy Barkai

“Absolute pleasure working with Anthony across our TV campaigns. Anthony is reliable, very talented, fast turnaround and fantastic to work with. Look forward to working with you again soon!”

Habit Creative

“Anthony is an incredible talent. He is a thoughtful and nuanced performer with an astonishing presence – and of course, with a voice to die for. Can’t wait to work with him again.”

Actual Factor Films

“Brilliant is the best word to describe Anthony. He has a beautiful voice and excellent control of it. A joy to work with, he always comes to sessions with ideas on how to make the read better. Looking forward to the next one.”


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