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Carla de W  UK Voiceover Artist

Native Accent:




Aussie, general American, mid Atlantic, French, Scottish,

Essex, estuary, heightened RP ,Cornish.


A smooth,soft, reliable,cheeky, sensual surprising voice with added gravitas and versatility.

Carla is a professional Surrey based actress and Voice artist of many years.

Able to relax RP to suit todays market place.
Vocal range teens to oldies via a few creatures worldly and other worldly.
She works in all areas of Voice . Commercial/corporate/explainer/TV/narration/audio book/audio drama/gaming/telephony etc.

Professional Home Studio:
Sontronics pro mic and pop shield
Marantz sound shield. Directors choice vocal booth sound blankets.
Focusrite 3rd gen interface. I edit via Audacity.
Can use clean feed and source connect.
I produce good quality demos in whatever format required.

Commercial Reel Carla de W
00:00 / 02:14
Corporate Reel 2024 Carla de W
00:00 / 01:56
ELearning Explainer Reel Carla de W
00:00 / 01:59
Character Reel Carla de W
00:00 / 02:15


"Carla’s great. My first choice for real play coaching with senior leaders in challenging conversations. Recommended".

Adrian Lock founder Deeper Leaders

” I knew Carla would bring the right authority and humour to the role. I also knew she would be more than capable of holding her own opposite the inimitable David Calder. Sure enough Carla delivered a superbly assured and nuanced performance, garnering glowing reviews”.

Helen Goldwyn Director at BIG FINISH

"Carla was adaptable and easy to work with on all the varied types of genres and styles of artists we did recordings for. Always well prepared and up for a challenge".


”You have a wonderful voice, the reads you did for us were great, I also liked the choice of music you added. Very well done for editing that. I loved the Gin read, it was brilliant.”

Rachael Naylor Founder of the Voice Over Network.

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