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Conor  Irish Voiceover Artist

Ireland Flag


Irish accent, Northern Ireland and Dublin accent, Limerick.


Voice styles:

Sketchy, evil, sneaky, arrogant, over the top, Pretentious 

Conor is a voice over artist, 30 living in Limerick. He has been doing voice over since 2021 where he began recording and writing his own scripts for his youtube channel.

His channel is mostly pieces based in fantasy universes.


He has also recorded some minor advert pieces thanks to PBL Voice overs who helped him make his showreel. When it comes to voice acting he loves animation or

something that has a good antagonist that I can sink my teeth into. He studied in creative broadcast for 4 years and achieved a first class bachelors.


Conor will bring a boundless amount of creativity to your project

and will do whatever it takes to get the job done.


Professional Home Studio:

Full adobe package

Elgato wave 3 microphone

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