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Elizabeth    UK Voiceover Artist

I’m an experienced voice actor, actor and singer who has appeared in the West End over many years and on tv with VO and voice actor credits in stock motion animation, ADR for film and tv, audiobook for Audible and AAA video games, including for Blizzard Entertainment. 


I was a recent finalist for the Norman Beaton Fellowship for the BBC Radio Drama Company and will be working for them on a project in the coming months. 

Recent Credits include Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget, Typist Artist Pirate King (which had its premiere at the Raindance Festival), All Creatures Great and Small, The Long Shadow for ITV and Diablo IV.  

I recently voiced for a studio based in Los Angeles with the corporate client in New York. I have a double-walled session booth, Neumann 102 Mic, an RME Babyface Pro Interface and Mac Mini.  

Gaming Reel Elizabeth
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Corporate Reel Elizabeth_
00:00 / 01:55
James and The Giant Peach Elizabeth
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Commercial Reel Elizabeth
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