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Fiona    Scottish Voiceover Artist

Confident and assured, warm, trustworthy, and commanding

My accent is Scottish Neutral which can be upbeat and bubbly, warm and educational or authoritative and clear. Rich in tone.

For audio drama and audiobook work Fiona provides various accents for characters, male, female, animals and have the ability to age my voice up and down as required.

Winning an audition to be cast as the ‘Voice of VisitScotland’ provided the opportunity to tell the company story. Since that first day in the studio, Fiona was hooked. She regularly narrates for corporate explainers, educational films, and destination guides. Fiona can provide Voice of God audio for Conferences, audio guides, I have played numerous parts in audio dramas, voiced for TV and radio commercials, narrate stories and interview for podcasts.

Career summary

June 2017 – Present Voiceover Artist


  • Regular narration for both animated and filmed content for corporate explainers, educational courses and promotional films. Recent regular clients include Scottish Qualifications Board, National Health Service, Open University, Visit Scotland, National Banks, Deaf Action, National Health Service, Nationwide Bank,

  • Played numerous characters and parts in Audio Drama’s

  • Voiced an audio tour guide for Geo tourist’s Outlander Film Tour of Scotland.

  • Narrator of children’s stories and books for Audible.

  • Provided Voice of God recordings for Conference Hosting.

  • Voiced Promos and commercials for STV and radio adverts


Professional Home Studio:


  • Rhode NTA 1 Microphone

  • Focusrite 2i2 audio interface

  • Scarlett headphones

E-learning Reel Fiona
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Fiona_ Commercial Reel MP3
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Corporate Reel Fiona
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