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Harry   UK Voiceover Artist

Native Accent:


Harry is a full-time voiceover artist for four years now, with the occasional acting roles thrown in for good measure.

Harry pitches himself as the Quintessentially English voiceover. Authentic, sincere and knowledgable with a touch of raffishness.



His range of accents stretches far across the realm, from plummy toff to East End Geeza’. Coming from London originally it’s his natural voice.However, when it comes to accents,he is a well-travelled chameleon with a healthy repertoire of international accents to choose from in his vocal dressing-up box.


Harry is a proud member of Gravy For The Brain he is always keeping himself current within his chosen industry. His bread and butter work usually comes from Radio Ads/Jingles, Corporate Explainers, e-learning and audiobooks.


Harry's latest commission of note is for the upcoming release of Fallout London,

where he plays three separate characters

in the game. 


Professional Home Studio:

Own recording studio with industry-standard equipment to ensure he delivers broadcast-quality content every time. AudioTechnica AT2040 condenser mic through a Scarlett Focusrite 6i6 audio interface. PreSonus Studio One 6

as the DAW and iZotope RX 10 for mastering. 

Demo Reel Harry
00:00 / 02:06
Double Agent Saturday Fry Up Stand In Harry
00:00 / 01:14
Final Saturday Morning Fry-Up Jingle - 01 Start - After RX Harry
00:00 / 00:33
Berridge Taxis 'Driver Recruitment' Harry
00:00 / 00:30


"Harry Singers is a brilliant and multitalented artist, bringing audio narration to life. Indeed, when I was fortunate enough to have Harry narrate a book of mine, he went above and beyond; enticing the listener within a world where the characters were so seamlessly brought to life. It's also amazing how Harry can add zest to a robot's personality; a being who's intellect bounced from a traditional household Toaster, to the likes of Albert Einstein. The finished product (humour) had me in stitches! His range of voices is remarkable, and his dedication to a project so professional and thorough. I was so privileged to have had Harry ... and you will too. Just trust me on one thing - he's a pro and his attention to detail unsurpassable. Perfection is key here, and this gent has it all."

Ronald K. | Author and Artist
Audiobook I, GreyAug 2022 

"Finding the right voice for the audio version of a book is a difficult process. There are hundreds of sample audios out there from actors of all voices, styles, and accents. I eventually found Harry Singers, who had exactly the right kind of voice and delivery for my political thriller, ‘Number Ten’, and never regretted my choice. His rendering of the book was superb, his technical knowledge and efficiency at producing the audio files was extremely helpful, and he even helped with the promotion. Thank you, Harry!".

Robin Hawdon

Audiobook  Number Ten

"Thank you, Harry for producing such a great audiobook. It has been great working with you and I look forward to doing more with you.Harry additionally is great with accents and has a lovely tone to his voice. This was a historical fiction book which he narrated exceptionally well. I looking forward to hearing what the readers think but I am sure they are going to love his voice! I highly recommend Harry".

 Carregan’s Catch Peter Rimmer Feb 20, 2022

"Harry’s professionalism has really made the difference between our original explainer videos and the new ones he recorded for us. We supplied Harry with our script and he worked with our team to produce the best version possible. Harry is going to be a busy man in the future, because word is getting around the campus and all the departments are commenting about how much better our Panopto is.

Panopto E-Learning Vide

"We have loved working with Harry Singers over the last couple of years! His talent when recording voiceovers always shone through, but what we equally loved was the efficient, professional and thoroughly helpful manner that he showed during every project. Would highly recommend."

Johnson Controls

(Corporate/Video Explainers) Ellie Padley Giant Leap Media

"Such a pleasure to work with Harry, was always fast with replies and answers,

and the quality of the final audio was perfect! ".

Shoot Cut Grade J P Hegerty Explainer Video

Video Narration • English (British) 

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