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Luke UK Voiceover Artist

Accents: RP, Cockney, Generic American, Generic Scottish.


Luke is a British voiceover artist from Kent, in South East England, with a natural estuary/RP accent and a tone that has been described as rich, warm, textured, and personable.

Luke has worked on such IPs as Fallout and Warhammer for Games Workshop and in many facets of voiceover including video games, corporate narration, dubbing, and more, he can bring gravitas and clarity to entice listeners or an array of character performances from the bombastic and eclectic to the grounded and nuanced. Working from a broadcast-quality home studio equipped for remote and live-directed sessions, clients love him for his high-quality audio and fast turnaround times. 


Professional Home Studio:

Vocal Booth To Go AVB4

Mic(s): Rode NT2-A and Rode NTG4

Interface: Audient iD4

DAW: Audacity and Reaper

Headphones: Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro


Documentary Reel Luke
00:00 / 02:28
Commercial Reel Luke
00:00 / 01:27
Gaming Reel Luke
00:00 / 01:52
Corporate Reel Luke
00:00 / 02:12


"I worked with Luke for a game trailer and he was professional, talented, and delivered everything with flexibility. Highly recommended!" - Renaud Barne, QA Lead/Voice Director.

Demute Studios.

"We’ve worked with Luke numerous times and never had a single problem. I always know the project will go smoothly when I see his name on the shortlist!"

Alex Harris-MacDuff. Senior Producer, Voquent.

"Such great quality, turnaround times, and professionalism! The team's very happy with the results and it's always a pleasure to work with Luke. Very much looking forward to keeping doing so in the future." 

Josep Domenech Mingot. Narrative Designer, Everguild Ltd.

"I can highly recommend Luke. He has a distinctive voice, a good grasp of storytelling, and a real breadth and depth of original ideas. Luke has a huge passion for his work. A talent for sure."

 Barbara Machin. Writer/Producer/Showrunner for BBC, ITV, Sky.

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