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Oisin  UK Voiceover Artist

Oisin speaks English with a neutral Irish accent from Co. Dublin.


He can do several Irish regional accents, British accents and American accents. He has been working on VO and voice technique for several years.


Oisin has fourteen years experience in performance.

Professional Home Studio:

Set-up at home: XLR Condenser Microphone, BXI Portable Sound Recording Vocal Booth, Focusrite Scarlett Solo (3rd Gen). Audacity for any editing, if required.

Also he has access to a professional studio, used for VO artists and podcasting,

where needed. 

Porter Reel Oisin
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Porter Reel Oisin
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Porter Reel Oisin
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"I have been working with the professional Actor Oisin Porter on the development of his Voiceover performance, applicable to the highest broadcasting standards. Oisin is affable dedicated and sincere. Oisin has a brilliant natural ability. I would have no hesitation in vouching for Oisin for recognition for his further development and artistic endeavours".

Paul Butler-Lennox

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