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Oonagh   UK Voiceover Artist

Oonagh is native to Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Oonagh is confident with accents and has great proficiency in Standard Irish, Standard English, RP, Standard American and Scottish.  

Recording from her sound treated studio at home she

specialises in commercial and corporate reads.

Oonagh's also available for character work, audiobooks, podcasts

and is an experienced audio describer.

Her cleanly spoken accent lends itself well to many roles and is suited to English speaking projects all over the world.

She's got fun and energy in her voice for upbeat and quirky commercials while also having a serious tone for corporate and scientific texts as well. 

Professional Home Studio:

Studio comprises of a Sennheiser MK4,

a Deity shotgun mic, EVO 4 interface and she records with Audacity. 

An average noise floor of around -65db.

Commercia Reel Oonagh
00:00 / 01:33
Corporate Reel Oonagh
00:00 / 01:16


"Oonagh was the ultimate professional her VO was perfect and delivered right on time with a

tight deadline and quick turnaround. My client was delighted with the warmth and tone of

her voice".

Karin Wide Eye Media


"Oonagh was a pleasure to work with. She was professional, helpful and courteous,

explaining the entire process in detail. It was a very smooth process!".

 Stephen NI Parcels


"Oonagh O’Flaherty gave my project a flawless performance and made me feel completely

taken care of. She embodied the script and music to find the perfect balance between fitting

in and making it pop. Thank you so much!".

  JD Gibson VO


"The work with Oonagh as the main voice for our video series was professional and fast.


 Kim RED Pinata Mediahouse


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