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Perdita   UK Voiceover Artist

Native Accent:

Neutral Midlands

Perdita specialises in English and US accents (Belfast, Dublin, Glasgow, Cardiff, West Country, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Standard US, Virginia, Tennessee)


Her voice is young, warm, cheerful and incredibly versatile with accents. 

Voice actress with 12 years experience in the industry. Perdita has voiced animations, commercials, audio dramas, audio books, e learning and narrations.

Commercial Demo Perdita
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Animation Perdita
00:00 / 01:22
VideoGame Perdita
00:00 / 01:31
Voice of God Reel 2024 Perdita
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"Perdita Lawton has been a voiceover artist multiple times on my Audio Drama podcast "Theatrical Shenanigans". Her ability to bring any number of characters to life is incredibly impressive and she is always one of the first people I call on when looking for a Voice Actor who can produce a high-quality performance. I would heartily recommend her for any voiceover audio drama work as a hard-working, incredibly talented, and very professional individual who has a gift for bringing characters to life!".       

Rachel Feeny- Williams


"Perdy understands the level of work it takes to play a part written by Shakespeare. She works tirelessly to make sense of the text and her character’s story, firstly to herself and then as she shares it with an audience. She doesn’t raise barriers between herself and the text or look for an easy way out, but is always prepared to venture where Shakespeare is leading her character. Perdy is a courageous actor and she is an absolute joy in the rehearsal room because she brings with her an infectious positivity and professionalism that any director would value".   

Pal Aron


"In a word versatile! If you're looking for an old voice, young voice, stern voice, happy voice, kids voice, elder voice - well, then here's your voice. Whether you want a voice that's dramatic or humorous, British or worldwide, then you couldn't make a better choice".         

Lee Beddow



"Perdita Lawton is the incredibly talented narrator of many of my best-selling novels. She understands audiobooks require acting, not reading, and her exceptional and highly professional voice-acting performances consistently deliver quality products. Perdita’s gift as a stellar actor elevates my characters from the written page, bringing them to life, thus captivating and entertaining the listener. Her ability to understand the characters and how to deliver each voice is nothing short of outstanding. Perdita is a joy to work with and is my go-to person for narrating my novels".   

Adrian Cousins

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