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Richard     UK Voiceover Artist

Rich is an accomplished professional UK-based VO artist with many years of experience, and many global clients. His voice is conversational, believable, engaging & Motivational.

Style is strong & powerful through to calm, reassuring and even whispering jobs.

Accents RP English/Northern & Scottish 

Richard is versatile, communicative & reliable.

He has a well-equipped, fully treated studio that is in daily use, he's the perfect solution to breathe life & emotion into your project.

Online direction welcome.

Top Clients:

Qatar Airways

The Guardian

Hilton Hotels

Professional Home Studio:

Voiceover: Neumann TLM102 Condenser Microphone.

Beyerdynamic Closed DT770 250 ohm Headphones,

Focusrite Scarlett digital audio interface

Audacity Editing Software,

Behringer Truth B1030A Active Studio Monitor,

DBX286S Pre Amp,

iZotope RX 8 Elements

Buster Green Ocean Collar Richard
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May Demo Richard
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Lake Superior Richard
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Think Scotland Richard
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"Rich did a spectacular job with my project. The finished file was finally edited and delivered promptly. He was even quicker when I had a few revisions for him (not his fault, there was a difference in the pronunciation between the American and English accents). Thank you, Rich!"



"I recently had the pleasure of working with Richard on the audiobook of my fifth novel. I found him to be friendly, attentive to detail, and stickler for absolute perfection in every aspect of the production. He actually pointed out and corrected some errors that had been missed by my editor and proofreader. I cannot recommend them enough for voice-over work and hope to work with him on each and every book I write in the future. A true professional"

Gordon Wallace-Author


"Absolutely nailed the performance! It every directional beat I needed, easy recommendation."



"THE REAL DEAL- Richard was absolutely pleasant to work with! Came back with a very quick turnaround and top quality audio. He is also a very talented voice-over skilled in all forms of narration. Highly recommended"

Lee B


"PROFESSIONAL AND QUICK TURNAROUND TIME-I had the pleasure of working with Richard recently, and I must say his voice was captivating, expressive, and perfectly suited for the project. He delivered the script flawlessly, capturing the emotions and nuances required for each scene. His professionalism and quick turnaround time made the entire experience smooth and enjoyable. I highly recommend him and look forward to collaborating with him again in the future!"


Continental Financial Services - Dubai

"THE REAL DEAL- Richard was absolutely pleasant to work with! Came back with a very quick turnaround and top quality audio. He is a very talented voice-over & skilled in all forms of narration. Highly recommended".

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