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Ruth    Scottish Voiceover Artist

Scotland Flag

Native Accent: 

Central Scottish



Belfast, Birmingham, Cockney, Devon, Dorset, Edinburgh, Essex, Geordie, Lancashire, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Northern England, Northern Irish, Northern Working Class, RP, Scottish Highlands, Scottish, Central, Scottish, Standard, Scottish, West Coast, Somerset, Southern England, Welsh, Standard, Yorkshire Californian, General American, New York City, Southern American. Australian, South African, Polish, Russian, French, Italian


Award winning experienced voice artist with high spec studio, Native Scottish with equally natural RP and excellent ear for accents.


Character actor professionally trained. Corporates, commercials, over 200 audiobooks, animations, gaming, dubbing and more. Reliable and easy to work with. Winner of the SOVAS 'Outstanding Anime -Best Female Performance 2019 and multi-nominated in 22/23 including for Female Voice of the Year at One Voice and VOX awards.

Professional Home Studio:

Studio custom built, broadcast quality, studio, fitted out with professional studio recording equipment.  Soundproof, acoustically designed and treated to suit Ruth's voice. 

Studio Outboard Equipment includes:

  • Neumann U87ai microphone

  • GML 2032 pre amp & EQ/channel strip. 

  • Universal Audio Apollo Thunderbolt Interface

  • Apple Mac Quad Core i7 computer 

  Pro music production software includes:

  • Pro Tools 11, 

  • Isotope RX and 

  • Universal Audio Plug-ins

  Audio Production:

  • Recording at 16/24/32 bit @ 44.1/48/96kHz

  • Audio files delivered in any required format and quality
    ie mp3, wav, aif, flac etc


Commercial Demo Ruth
00:00 / 01:30
Corporate Scottish Accent Reel Ruth
00:00 / 01:58
Gaming Reel Ruth
00:00 / 01:31


"Ruth's voice added a whole new dimension to our commercial. A super professional VO artist, who quickly understood our requirements, and delivered beyond our expectation."

David McKinnon, Proud Motion, Glasgow


"Ruth was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. She was professional,

and importantly had her high quality recording equipment. I highly recommend her."

Hannah Finch, Raconteur Media


"Ruth's variety of voices are impressive. I had a script that required lots of different characters with varying voices and accents. Ruth was very good at understanding the nuances between each character and her sense of timing was exactly on point. I would certainly hire Ruth again given the opportunity."

Rebecca Gower, Cherryduck Productions

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